Install Linux

On this page you’ll find resources to test, install, and run your first instances of Linux and open source software. Grab a USB stick and head to the videos and articles below for the few easy steps needed to upgrade! Even Microsoft is recommending Linux (click here for their install guide.)

I Want to Use Linux and Windows on my PC

How to use both Windows and Linux on your computer (Dual-boot and install Linux!)

Try Linux, and keep Windows 10 while you get comfortable!

Video Installation Tutorial by Ksk Royal

I Want to Use Linux on My PC

If your hardware doesn't meet Windows 11 requirements, install Linux (it's free!)

Backed up your files? Great! Here’s how to upgrade.

Video Installation Tutorial by Linus Tech Tips

Which Flavor of Linux Should I Try?

There are distros for almost any need – gaming, coding, everyday use, and a variety of other niches.

To make getting started simple, we’ve listed a few popular versions of Linux (known as distributions or ‘distros’ for short) we recommend for beginners.


Which version of Linux should I install?

Try Ubuntu, Mint, or Pop!_OS.

Linux for beginners (versions of Linux that look like Windows!)

Want your Linux device to look just like your old Windows PC?

Read “How Linux Met My Mother” by Rafael Peregrino to learn how you can run Linux with a few Windows skins, and never even notice the difference (this photo is of a Linux desktop – could you tell?)

Have a favorite Linux installation tutorial we’ve yet to post?