Definitely a step up

Desktop Linux is an alternative to Mac or Windows. It’s free, more secure, and runs on almost any PC – saving your wallet and the environment from the cost of unnecessary upgrades and e-waste.
Do you have an Android phone, a Chromebook, or a Fire tablet? Do you use Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Amazon? Do you run applications that store or search information on the Internet? Have you driven in a Toyota or Lexus?

Congratulations, you’re already a Linux user!

In the cloud, in supercomputing, and even in small embedded systems, Linux dominates. Consider now as a great time to join the global community of people choosing greater freedom, greater flexibility, and reduced surveillance – those also choosing Linux for their desktops and laptops. To learn more, check out some of the resources below.


Reasons to be cautious about Windows 11

Eleven reasons to switch from Windows to Linux

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Article by Andy Oram: 11 reasons not to make compromises on security, personalization, and the cost of an unnecessary hardware replacement – both to the environment and your budget:

Why Linux is an upgrade: stability and security

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Video by Kalle Halden: Why Linux Is Better For Programming

Check out why developers prefer Linux for security.

Why Linux is an upgrade: choice and flexibility

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Article by ZDNet: Why Linux is Like Pizza

Why Linux is an upgrade: It’ll run on (almost) anything

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Article by MakeUseOf (MUD): 10 Devices you can install Linux on

Ten More Reasons To Upgrade

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Video by Linus Techtips: 10 ways Linux is Just Better!

Cool things you can do with the Linux desktop that you can’t do with MacOS or Windows

What is Linux? Dive deeper into the global adoption of open source

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Article by Amber Ankerholz (FOSSlife): Open Source Success – Linux