Meet other Linux users and learn new upgrade tricks!

Linux and open source events in Spain.

OpenExpo Europe is the largest tech conference in Europe, drawing over 3500+ attendees annually from around the world.

Take part in workshops covering the latest innovations in FOSS, cybersecurity, AI. blockchain, and more. Expand your Linux network and sharpen your skills!

Date: June 13th (Spain)

Linux and open source events in Estonia.

FOSS4G Europe is a conference covering Linux and open source software & hardware, located in Estonia. Take part in talks and workshops with content for beginners and experts alike. Join in and expand your Linux network and knowledge!

Date: July 1-7 (Estonia)

Linux and open source events in Germany.

FrOSCon is an open source conference designed for all ages and experience levels. Explore engaging lectures and workshops, exchange ideas and celebrate your upgrade to Linux with other community members!

Date: August 17-18 (Germany)

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