Why it’s an Upgrade

Given that PCs are now in a transition, this is a great moment to consider upgrading to Linux. Reviews of Windows 11 are mixed, and many older computers won’t be able to upgrade. Even if upgrading to Windows 11 had none of its own support issues or upgrade issues, now would still be a great time to try Linux. While the announcement of Windows 11 may be one of the best-known reasons for upgrading, it’s not the only reason, or even the best one.

Top reasons to upgrade to Linux on your desktop

Affordability: Linux is free to download and use, which can save you and organizations organizations money on licensing fees. Linux is used in governments, schools and offices around the world.
Security: Linux is known for its strong security features, which can help protect against malware and other types of security threats. Linux is also open-source software, meaning that the source code is publicly available. Hundreds of developers can check daily for security vulnerabilities, protecting you from threats.
Sustainability: Linux is compatible with a wide range of hardware, and it can run on both desktop and server environments. Because Linux is also lightweight, this means not only is it compatible with older devices – but can allow them to run faster, with system support for years to come.
Compatibility: Linux has a vast collection of free and open-source software that can be used for various purposes, from office productivity to gaming. But if you have to use certain Windows or MacOS software for work, or just prefer these tools, they are easily accessible on Linux with an intuitive emulator (Wine). 
Customization: Linux is highly customizable, which allows users to tailor the operating system to their specific needs. This includes putting you in control of when you want to update. Never experience a sudden unplanned restart during a meeting, work session, or playing games again. 
Community: Linux has a large and vibrant community of users and developers, which can provide support and resources. Getting answers to questions as a new user can be easy with the help of community forums, subreddits, discord servers, and local Linux clubs.
These are just a few reasons we think you’ll enjoy your new upgrade. To learn more, check out the “Linux Myths” series by Andrew Oram and Jon maddog Hall. Debunk any remaining concerns you might have about Linux, and persuade your friends to upgrade too!

Linux Myths

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Episode One – Examining myths that hold people back from open source software

Check out an overview of common misconceptions surrounding Linux, and see for yourself how you can benefit from an upgrade. Dive into how Linux can provide a user-friendly experience, with quality tools and compatibility options with proprietary software you may still need for school, work, and leisure.

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Episode Two – Quality

Unsure of how software can be both effective, and free? Check out the article above to learn more about how rigor and passion in open source communities can surpass the standards of a dedicated QA team, with potentially even greater numbers of contributing developers.

…Check back for future episodes covering compatibility, security, and cost!