So you’d like to try Linux. Great! What next?

On this page you’ll find resources to test, install, and run your first instances of Linux and open source software. Grab a USB stick and head to the videos and articles below for the few easy steps needed to upgrade!

How to Install Linux

Install Linux on your PC or laptop – for free!

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Video by Linus Tech Tips: How to Switch!

Try Linux, and keep Windows 10 while you get comfortable!

Installing Linux on an older PC or laptop

Linux 101: Beginner’s Guide

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Linux Differences: Article by Rafael Peregrino

What distribution of Linux should I try?

To make getting started simple, we’ve listed a few popular versions of Linux (known as distributions or ‘distros’ for short) and who they pair well with below.

Beyond this list, there are distros for almost any need – gaming, coding, everyday use, and a variety of other niches. Community support is one of the most important parts of migrating to Linux, and embarking on your own research is part of the fun. For the adventurous looking to fine-tune their experience, we recommend checking online forums or places such as Reddit for advice on the best distro for you!


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Try Ubuntu, Mint, or Pop!_OS.


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Do you have a parent, grandparent, or loved one struggling with spyware or who wants to keep a PC no longer compatible with Windows updates?

Read “How Linux Met My Mother” to learn how you can run Linux on their computer. With a few Windows skins, they’ll never even notice (this photo is of a Linux desktop – could you tell the difference?)

Popular Distributions

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While Ubuntu and Mint (see ‘Beginners’) are the most popular desktop distributions, give Debian, OpenSUSE, or ZorinOS a try if you’re looking for something a little different. They’ll still have plenty of active community support!

Looking for new hardware?

Installing Linux on tech you already own is free and can keep hardware running faster, for years to come. But if you’re in the market for a new PC or laptop, there is a selection of vendors to choose from with Linux pre-installed!

(We have heard good things, but haven’t tested these laptops ourselves, and encourage checking out reviews for yourself before trying out any new hardware)

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TUXEDO Computers creates ready-to-go custom Linux Tuxedo OS  laptops with tailored options for business, gaming, AI, and more.

SLIMBOOK also creates Linux laptops, servers, and more in support of opensource technology. 

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Lenovo offers hundreds of models with Linux pre-installed, ranging from budget to office-ready, and even those fit for gaming and video editing.

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DELL provides a variety of Linux laptops and PC Desktops with Ubuntu, a go-to distribution for Linux newcomers preinstalled.

HP released the Dev One, a Linux pre-installed laptop in 2022. Models have since sold out, but check out their partner, System_76 for more options!