Getting Comfortable

Having a few questions about new software can be part of the fun of upgrading. Linux and open source software are home to active support communities on several platforms. Whether you are most comfortable on Reddit, Discord, IRC, or YouTube, there are a host of online resources and willing, experienced users who want to connect and help answer questions. Open source isn’t just software – it’s a community.


How do you get help?

Start by searching the web for any issues you may have – chances are, you’re not the first, and a handful of forums and threads will appear where users are helping one another solve the same issue. If a web search does not solve your problem, check out places such as r/LinuxQuestions, r/Linux4Noobs, or your Linux distribution’s forum such as

List your system specifications with your question, and ask away!

If the app you need to use is available for Linux


> Firefox

> Chrome

Office Productivity:

> MS Office 365

> Google Apps and any web-based systems

Communicate with your team:

> Slack

> Microsoft Teams

> WhatsApp

For Creative Professionals:

> Install Adobe Creative Cloud Apps in Linux

Use the emulators below to continue using your favorite software, or check out our recommended list of open source alternatives.

If the app you need to use isn’t available for Linux

image description

Try using Wine! Here’s how to install it.

Wine is a lightweight Windows emulator. Run almost any Windows program right from your new Linux upgrade.

image description

or install Linux within Windows! You’ll still have it for emergencies.